Tournaments are OPEN events, they can be fished by anyone with the love of bass fishing!  
Hours of the tournaments will be 5:30-DARK, dark will be announced before take-off that night of the tournament.  
===Entry Fee is $30 a boat (2 people only) ===Entry includes big bass pot
===Registration fees per year: Club members= $10   Non-Cub members= $20  
(anglers 17 years and younger do not need to pay membership fees)
===Must register each night by 5:15pm, no registration after that
===Points will be accumulated throughout the year for the WFL TEAM OF THE YEAR, every team will receive points for participating.
===Championship tournament is by qualification, any angler that fishes 5 regular season events may attend.
=WFL Tournament Committee Members- Adam Rundall & Denny Meyer
2005 TEAM of the YEAR
Doug Mann / Brandon Kern
2017 WFL
April 26th- Upper Pine
May 17th- Lower Pine
May 31st- Rock Creek
June 14th- Pick Your Pine (register at Lower)
June 28th- Hawthorn Lake
July 19th- Rock Creek Lake
August 2nd- Classic at ROCK CREEK
2003 ANGLER of the YEAR
Jon Andresen
2006 TEAM of the YEAR
Duane and Brad Rozendaal
2007 TEAM of the YEAR
2008 TEAM of the YEAR
Chris and Eric Eirikson
2004 ANGLER of the YEAR
Todd Reed
2009 TEAM of the YEAR
Jim Wiegand/Kip Kjormoe
Angler of the Year Points

1st Place-  100 points             9th Place- 60 points
2nd Place- 95 points            10th Place- 55 points
3rd Place- 90 points            11th Place- 50 points
4th Place- 85 points             12th Place- 45 points
5th Place- 80 points             13th place- 40 points
6th Place- 75 points             14th place- 35 points
7th Place- 70 points             15th place- 30 points
8th Place- 65 points             16th place- 25 points

All others fishing earn 10 points
less than the last placing boat
Each fish weighed in earns you 3 points
2010 TEAM of the YEAR
Scott Speas/Andy Fowler
2011 TEAM of the YEAR
Scott Speas/Andy Fowler
2012 TEAM of the YEAR
Jim Wiegand
2013 TEAM of the YEAR
Jim Wiegand/Kip Kjormoe
2014 TEAM of the YEAR
Jim Wiegand/Kip Kjormoe
2015 TEAM of the YEAR
Jim Wiegand/Kip Kjormoe
Upper Pine - April 26th
Lower Pine - May 17th
Team of the Year
Rock Creek - May 31st
Pines- June 14th
Hawthorn- June 28th
Rock Creek- July 19th
Rock Creek- Aug. 2nd
2017 TEAM of the YEAR
Don Henry/Denny Meyer