Tri-County Bass
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Meet the Tri-County Bassmasters

Use this to help each other "get to know" you better. There are many members in the club, some have been here for years, some just a few months and more will join in the months to come. This posting should help everyone feel "at home" with each other.

Here are some things to include: Name/ age/ family/ occupation/ favorite food/ favorite place to fish/ favorite BASS technique/ years in the club/ and anything else you might think of. Have fun with this.

2009-04-03 13:12:43 GMT
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Nelson Olivier (39)
Alicia (wife), Andrew (just turned 2)
Self Employed - maintain national contracts for installation and service of fire, security and cctv systems.
Seafood - shrimp, crawfish, crabs, oysters, redfish, flounder - ok, cajun cooking at its best.
Favorite place to fish: Redfish - Venice, LA Bass - Bay Springs Lake, Mississippi
I enjoy flipping plastics and always ready for some topwater action.
New to the club. Fished a club in Miss. for 10 years.
My wife and I moved to Ames in 2005 from Mississippi so she can pursue a PhD/ Residency in Veterinary Pathology. Looking forward to fishing with the club.
--Nelson Olivier
2009-04-03 14:01:31 GMT
Todd Reed age 33 on April 19th!
Family: Wife of almost 6 years- Cheri, Son- Ranger (1.5 years old)
4th Grade teacher in Marshalltown
Love to eat tacos, pizza and panfish
I enjoy fishing pools 9/10 of the Mississippi and have enjoyed Delhi recently
I can flip anything ALL DAY long, love feeling that "tap".
I have been a member of this club for 10 years
I will be fishing as a boater all year in a White/Blue Ranger
--Todd Reed
2009-04-05 01:40:06 GMT
Doug Chaloupek age 37
Family: Wife--Julie, 3 Boys, Marcus--15 Brandin--13, Owen--8 and 1 new baby girl--Harper, who is 3 1/2 months. And DAMN CUTE!!!
I am the General Manager of Applebee's in Marshalltown, have been there for almost 13 years.
Have been in the club since 2004 and I love it!!
Favorite beer is Coors Light(in case anyone wanted to bring me some!)
Favorite foods: I could eat just about anything!
Love fishing pools 9/10 of the Mississippi, Brushy Creek, and Upper Pine Lake.
Don't really have a favorite technique, but I throw lots of plastics(favorite is the SENKO!) & spinner baits.
Just bought a new boat as well, its gold, off white, and crimson red Ranger. Will be fishing as a boater all year, and hope to be in the runnin for the AOY!!

Some of the best times I have ever had, have happened with this group of guys. We truly have a FUN club!

Welcome to all you new members, and if you ever need anything, send me an email of give me a call.

Doug Chaloupek
2009-04-05 22:41:30 GMT
John Capitani age 46
Family: Wife-Barb 2 step sons-Zach 19 and Brian 16
Parole Officer, Sex Offender Unit Pre-Sentence Investigations
Been in the club since 2000
Food: pizza,Bud-Light,cheese crackers and little chocolate donuts
Fishing: Mississippi Pools 9 and 10, Rayburn, and Kentucky Lake
Favorite Strategy: Following Reed around and stealing his "spots".

Enjoy fishing the club, get to fish with my grandfather Dave Jordon and my three retarded adopted children- Wigs, Kippy and Fish...What could be more special than that??

2009-04-06 02:52:31 GMT
Don Henry age 63 in July, the 10th if the club wants to throw a party.
Married to DyAnne for 41 years, two sons, Derek and Damon. Derek has given us two grandsons, Devyn and Drew.
I prefer slow baits, but as long as I'm fishing I could care less what speed the boat is moving, as long as I'm fishing.
Preferred beverage is bourbon/seven, Knob Creek to be specific, you know, birthday coming up!
Tri county bass club has been the greatest thing to happen to me since sliced bread. What a great group of guys, even thought I do take an undue amount of crap.
I have learned to love the Mississippi, although as I stated before, being on the water with a pole in hand is great no matter where I happen to be. Good luck to all this year, hope I continue to improve, got some great teachers.

2009-04-11 15:15:31 GMT